Uniform Tax Refund

2 in 3 people who wear a uniform to work can 
claim a tax refund, find out now if you are due a refund
Who is eligible?

Any working person who wears a uniform or protective clothing of any type to work, that they are required to wash and maintain could be eligible for a tax refund if the following criteria can be met:

• You wear a uniform that shows you have a certain job, postman, policeman, nurse, it could also include someone who works for a certain store and wears branded items of clothing, T-shirts, Jackets etc.

• It is a requirement of your job that you wear a certain uniform.

• You are required to purchase, clean, repair or replace the uniform yourself.

• You must have paid income tax for the year you are claiming for. 

Which industry sectors?

There are many different industry sectors and professions that can be eligible, including:

• Hospitality and Catering staff including Restaurant workers.

• Retail Store Workers, Asda, Sainsbury, Aldi, Lidl, Tesco and many others.

• Healthcare workers, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and others 

• Cabin Crew and Airline workers

• Police Officers, Traffic Wardens and Security workers.

• Tradespeople, Builders, Plumbers, Joiners 

• Any worker that wears a piece of clothing that has their employer’s logo on it

How much can you claim?

HMRC allows you to claim for up to 5 years including the current financial year. The amount you can claim depends on the work you do, the standard rate is £60, however some sectors are allowed to claim a higher rate. The average refund claimed is around £220-£250.